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Fun with Succulent Cuttings

Succulent cuttings:
more variety for less cost

Unrooted cuttings make succulents affordable for a wide range of creative projects, crafts, and gardens.

  • Use for color- and holiday-themed plantings,
    in pots or in ground
  • Perfect for decorating/crafts: wreaths,
    living walls, fairy gardens, terrariums,
    topiaries, centerpieces, place settings,
    party favors, floral arrangements
  • Create your own festive centerpiece—follow
    our “Holiday Magic” video to learn how
  • Or create an instant tabletop succulent garden
  • Cuttings root quickly for easy-to-care-for gifts
  • Children, especially, enjoy watching these fascinating plants change and grow

Succulent Video Game

Check out this game we found—it's all about the Zen-quiet experience of growing succulents and watching nature unfold. (If you’re looking for bang up action, you’ve come to the wrong game!)


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Succulent selections are updated frequently. Check back often!

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